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At Borlund Inspection Systems we are proud and happy to offer you the next generation Metal Inspection Systems


We live and breathe Metal Inspection Systems

Our journey began back in 2015 and since then tons of research has gone into developing the new Borlund Metal Inspection System. We live and breathe Metal Inspection Systems – off course seamless integrated in the process line.

About us

Best Inspection Sensibility and Product Compensation yet seen

We are dedicated to Metal Inspection Systems and we took the well-known Metal Detection Technology and developed the next generation Metal Detection Systems. We developed new multi-channel inspection and strong signal processors with a fast embedded software. Off course our products comply with all international food safety standards.

Intuitive menus with no need for user manuals – just like today's smart phones...


Simple, Compact & Easy.

Check out the Borlund Compact Metal Detector, built as Stop on Detection.

Metal Inspection Systems

Ideal for the food, pharmaceutical & packaging industry

Conveyor Belt System with Reject

Conveyor Belt System with Reject

Built to withstand harsh environments and easy to clean with modular design to fit any application.

Flexible and Enduring

Our conveyorised Metal Detectors provide flexible solutions capable of operating in almost any working environment. So whether your product is wet or dry, chilled or frozen, loose or packed, Borlund´s range of flexible metal Detection conveyor systems can answer your food inspection challenges. The Metal Detector System comes as a fully functional system, ready to operate in the process line with reject systems - simply plug and play.

Belt widths: from 100-1000 mm,
length: 1.500 mm.

Compact Conveyor Belt System

Compact Conveyor Belt System

Limited space is no longer an issue. The Compact Borlund Metal Detector will fit any processing line.

Sometimes less is more

Made after the same durable construction principles as the other Borlund models, but shrinked to fit. This stop-on-detection system comes without a reject arm and bin. If metal is detected, the conveyor stops, and a visual and acoustic alarm is activated (option).

Belt widths: from 100-1000 mm,
length: 1.000 mm.

Optimized conveyor belts

Optimized for integration

Our conveyor drives are placed in the center to have reduced conveyor belt turns at the belt inlet and outlet. A small detail allowing for easy integration in the process line and protecting products from dropping on the floor when they move from one conveyor belt to the next.

Metal Detector Heads

Metal Detector Heads

A Metal Inspection System easily integratable on pre-existing conveyor belts.

Ready for interegration

The Borlund Metal Detector Heads can also be delivered without a conveyor system. The Heads are fully operational and do not need an external electrical cabinet to operate. Typically the Heads are delivered with a photosensor and a light tower with an acoustic alarm. All accessories are powered, wired and controlled from the Detector head ready to integrate to an existing system. Signals are of course easily exchanged with the process line with the Borlund RS-485 communication protocol.

Gravity Fall & Pipeline Detectors

Gravity Fall & Pipeline Detectors

Our inspection systems are built to fit your production line.

Gravity Fall Metal Detection Systems

A practical solution for eliminating contaminants in bulk powder and granular product applications, such as grain, flour, chips and many other products. The Gravity fall Metal Detectors can be equipped with different types of reject systems to fit into your processing line.

Pipeline Metal Detectors

Our Pipeline Metal Detectors are ideal for detecting and eliminating metal contaminants in pumped liquid, paste, slurry products. Configurable, hygienic systems with minimum insertion space. Portable with flexible height adjustment.

Optimized conveyor belts

Our conveyor drives are placed in the center to have reduced conveyor belt turns at the belt inlet and outlet. A small detail allowing for easy integration in the process line and protecting products from dropping on the floor when they move from one conveyor belt to the next.

Integration & Statistics

Our systems are built for seamless integration and userfriendly interaction

One point of interaction

For Integrators (OEM-customers) we offer control integration with your existing equipment/HMI to offer “one point of interaction” – because simplicity and open communication rules the world today. This is especially useful when the Metal Detector Head is integrated into other equipment like check weighers, conveyors etc.


The inspection reports from the Borlund Metal Detector can either be downloaded to a USB stick or stored at your existing Server network. The server integration service requires the Borlund Windows Server Software. The Borlund Metal Detection System will let you meet the HACCP or other standards without any worries from line operators.

Easy to use controlpanel

The Borlund Metal Detectors can be operated by using the full-colour touch-screen that offers an intuitive icon-driven menu.

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